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Lekoya and 4S Security Transform Elevator Operations in the largest building in the Northern Hemisphere


[Chicago IL, January 28th, 2024] — 4S Security, a leading provider of cutting-edge smart building solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has selected and partnered with Lekoya, LLC. to develop Building360, a revolutionary Cloud-Based integration platform. This strategic collaboration has successfully designed, developed, and deployed the Building360 system in the tallest building in the United States.

Building360 is a game-changing system that leverages advanced technology and real-time human traffic analysis to optimize elevator operations within high-rise buildings. This transformative project reflects 4S Security's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the smart building industry.


Key Features of Building360:

Intelligent Elevator Management: Building360 dynamically adjusts elevator car allocation, reducing waiting times by responding to real-time human traffic patterns in the elevator lobby.

Automated Elevator Dispatch: The system intelligently dispatches elevators based on crowd density in the lobby, ensuring a seamless and efficient flow of people.

Data Collection and Analysis: Through GidiBox, 4S Security’s proprietary integration tool that allows universal communication between disparate building systems, Building360 collects comprehensive elevator usage data, which is seamlessly transferred to the Cloud-Based Building360 Platform for insightful analysis

Customer-Friendly Dashboard: Building360 offers an intuitive dashboard and AI assistant, empowering building management to make informed operational decisions effortlessly.




Benefits of Building360:

Minimized Waiting Times: Building360 significantly enhances tenant and visitor experiences by reducing elevator wait times through its intelligent dispatching system.

Maximized Efficiency: Elevators adapt to the dynamic needs of occupants, maximizing throughput and efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The collected data, presented in a user-friendly interface, equips building management with invaluable insights for informed decision-making.


“We are very pleased with our partnership with Lekoya, LLC. and their contributions to our platform. Each team member was professional, knowledgeable, and an asset to our client and the project as a whole.”  


In conclusion, the partnership between 4S Security and Lekoya has set a new standard for smart building solutions, driving efficiency improvements and enhancing the occupant experience. Building360 represents the future of smart buildings, where technology seamlessly integrates with infrastructure to redefine the way we live and work.

For more information about Building360 and 4S Security's innovative smart building solutions, please visit or contact our media relations team at


About 4S Security:

4S Security is a prominent provider of smart building solutions, specializing in cutting-edge technologies that enhance building efficiency, security, and occupant experience. Collaborating with industry leaders, 4S Security is dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that turn buildings into intelligent, responsive environments. Learn more at


About Lekoya:

Lekoya is a technology solutions company renowned for its expertise in hardware and software development and innovation. With a proven track record of successful projects, Lekoya is committed to creating groundbreaking solutions that drive efficiency and excellence across industries. Learn more at

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Contraband cellular phones detection and location inside correctional facilities

Detecting and locating illicit contraband cellular phones within correctional facilities is a serious technological challenge.  The correctional facility environment is very unfriendly towards radio frequencies (RF), and inmates are savvy with their indecorous ways.  The detection of these illicit cellular phones needs to be performed quickly, precisely, and accurately.  Needless to say, the importance of locating these devices are for the safety and security of the public and law enforcement.

LEO Technologies, the leader in the technological systems for correctional facilities, chose Lekoya to help spec and evaluate system hardware, software components, integrate, and deploy the system in various facilities.  Lekoya has developed new algorithms to assist in the final location of the detected cellphones.  The system, in both its permanent and mobile versions, have been deployed in various correctional facilities across the country, helping to detect and locate thousands of devices.

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People Safety in the Oil Development Facility

People's safety is always a concern in the oil development field. The system provides a seamless indoor and outdoor tracking of the employees, monitors people's behavior, detects unexpected events, such as Men Down. The Personal Tags paired with Mobile Gas Detectors for monitoring of the gas concentration in the vicinity to alarm on gas leaks and detect the emergencies. The system enables total control over Mustering Events, allowing complete visibility and accountability of the stuff in the field during the Muster Event, using Assisted GPS for open outdoor areas and Signal Collider Local Positioning Technology for all the areas where GPS signal is compromised or unavailable, including indoor. Currently, the system serves a few tens of oil development sites. 

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System for Mobile Assets Awareness and Management to optimize Airport Ground Support Operation

This goal was to improve the airport ramp operation, by controlling the mobile assets ( A.C. units, tugs, crew buses, service trucks (e.g. fuel) and other vehicles) involved in the ramp ground support activities.  The system provides decent performance, yet operating under the airport ramp restrictions and limitations. System benefits:

  • Significantly improved push time

  • Ramp traffic management proved to be of high value

  • Increased vehicle utilization through location-aware task assignment

  • Data accuracy allow for improved learning and process design

  • Eliminated delays due to crew transport

  • Ramp safety and accident prevention gains

  • Proven significant fuel savings



Manufacturing Line visibility and production management

Heavy equipment manufacturing line management requires real-time tracking of the assembled unit along the line as well as visibility of the prime products supply status. The deployed system allows:

• Tracking prime product (tractors) across the production and delivery chains to reduce labor, human error costs, and shipment delays.

• Real Time Visibility into the 12 largest OSS components that make up the product (engine, transmission, cabs…): from start-on-line at Tier1 supplier to the consumption point on the CAT assembly line, items are tracked with work-cell accuracy.

Benefits include: reduction in safety inventory, measure line performance, generate accountability and provide inventory visibility across the supply chain

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